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Yuri da Cunha


Yuri da Cunha is an Angolan musician who exudes enough musical energy to make people of all ages dance. His exciting way of dancing and the captivating rhythm that he transports to the stage earn him the nickname “The Show Man”.


According to Yuri, his story in music begins "contrary" to the norm. First comes Semba, which was considered an older song. Later, he became interested in Pop, World Music, Ghetto Zouk, Kizomba, and also included in this research fusions of African music: "I feel the need to live my most childish side, which I haven't lived, and I try to express it musically in a adult."


His music is imbued in the Angolan musical matrix and traditions. His history in music is filled with several hits, making him a highly popular artist in Angola and beyond.

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