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Tristany Mundu


Tristany Mundu paints with his voice, illustrating the reality he lived through his eyes and the eyes of the people around him. Eyes that talk about unfeasible, marginalized and sometimes romanticized realities.

Through his multidisciplinary art, he expresses his way of feeling, thus creating a multiplicity of rhythms, with raw sounds and diversified visual stimuli, representing all the cultures he feels inserted in.

He grew up and lives on the Sintra Line, a suburb of Lisbon, where the streets at night have an orange tone, in which mothers come to sleep after another day of work and where the ostentation is to have Liverpool's full training suit.



Meia Riba Kalxa is yet another small earthquake in Portuguese music and the culmination of three decades of inspiration and resilience in the black suburbs of Greater Lisbon.
Meia Riba Kalxa 4.0  ★★★★

Francisco Noronha June 19, 2020, in Público

"Tristany spreads wisdom and moral ethics in the lyrics, but also in the interludes, small and precious films of life in such a periphery that it can be impassable."

Rui Miguel Abreu in Rimas e Batidas

"African sounds have never been a mystery in his life. He has Angolan, Portuguese and Castilian blood, but it is from Cape Verde that he feels, culturally speaking."

Melissa Pereira in Bantumen

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