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Throes + The Shine

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Throes + The Shine are a trio, constituted by Mob Dedaldino, an Angolan MC and Kudurista, and by Igor Domingues and Marco Castro, two producers and instrumentalists hailing from Portugal. In activity since 2011 the band is recognized by their deeply intense and energetic live shows that have left a trail of sweat and cheerfulness all over Europe and also Latin America. Having stepped some of the most important festival stages of the European continent, they also reach beyond their concerts with a deep discography. In their first decade of existence they have produced five albums that carry collaborations with artists from all over the world and that demonstrate their creative wanderlust within the global dance music genre. If adventure, innovation and celebration are words that feel you with enthusiasm, Throes + The Shine should be the destination you choose for your next journey.



“A Portuguese-Angolan rock and kuduro fusion collective has collaborated with Buenos Aires’ La Yegros and the result is marvelous. Filled with buoyant steel pan sounds, “Guerreros” by Throes + The Shine screams carnival with the Argentine vocalist La Yegros singing a powerful hook in Spanish.”

Gina Vergel in Sounds and Colours

“Throes + The Shine has picked up on music’s traditional effect, and produced us a festive album that is poignant, loud, and intense. The  intended festivity of the songs gets lost in translation, and instead it’s some of the sounds in the production that blows one’s mind the most and the polyrhythms that push one to feel amazed.”

Adorf Azulphar in Rythm Passport

They don’t fool around. Throes + The Shine really want to continue on their path, spreading the love and shaking the floor. They feed off the energy of their audience, even if no one is looking. That’s why every album and live performance by them should have a label that reads: “Beware! You might feel on fire after this!”

Gonçalo Castro  in Europavox


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