Raashan Ahmad 

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Raashan Ahmad is an emcee, producer, DJ and label owner with a thriving career as a Hip Hop artist. He has garnered national & international critical acclaim from worldwide press such as XXL, Giles Peterson’s World Wide Awards, France 24, Urb, Rolling Stone etc…

​​​​​​​Raashans’ solo albums The Push, For What You’ve Lost, & Ceremony as well as with his albums with his crew Crown City Rockers have garnered worldwide attention and earned him the admiration of fans as he  has toured feverishly both solo and with various bands and orchestras throughout North and South America, Europe, Japan, & Australia [over 35 countries, covering six continents]


Raashan Ahmad is one of those exceptional artists who really lives from hip hop underground. MC, DJ and producer, leads the Crown City Rockers collective as well as having a solo career that has made him roam the world with his music.

30/05/2019, Daniel Temenpi for Pedrada Musical


Raashan Ahmad is an American DJ, MC and hip hop artist with a big heart and a sharp mind. A thought-provoking rapper whose latest album The Sun explores joy and pain, hope and despair: the loss of his mum, the birth of his son. 

18/10/2019, Alison Hird para RFI


It [“The Sun”] contains eight tracks that jump from traditional hip-hop, to spoken word, to jolly pop infused with soul jazz sounds from South America and melodies from West Africa.

10/06/2019, Marjorie Hache para France 24