Otim Alpha 

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Recent collaborations with some famous names such as Damon Albarn has seen Otim Alpha’s profile rise deservedly. Touted by Unsound’s festival director as someone “every European Festival should book”, he consistently lives up to his tag line “Otim never fails anyone”. His sound is turbo Acholi music, rooted in wedding ceremonies, and modified for utmost suitability to dancefloor madness.

Acholitronix pioneer Otim Alpha began mixing traditional Acholi ‘Larakaraka’ wedding songs with electronics over a decade ago. Today, the fast paced, poly-rhythmic sensation is crossing borders and set to ignite dance-floors globally.
It's a frenzied, political song that runs through electronic tracks and traditional instruments, with a voice (and the screams) typical of northern Ugandan music. On stage, it's a guaranteed party, as has been proven by audiences of international festivals such as the mythical Roskilde in Denmark or the Rewire in the Netherlands.

Gulu City Anthems (2017, Nyege Tapes)
Egoli (2019, Africa Express)
Electro Acholi Kaboom (2019, Nyege Tapes)
Tongweno (2019, Hakuna Kulala)


“Otim is still making one of the most furious electronic music from East Africa, and Tong Gweno is the latest example of that”

in Pan African Music, Sept. 2019


“You may not have heard of electro acholi, but Otim Alpha’s (...) deserves to make the genre every bit as popular as South Africa’s Shangaan electro” 

In FACT MAgazine