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Moullinex △ GPU Panic 


What started with ‘Luz’, a joint track that opened the door and led the way for Moullinex △ GPU Panic to continue thriving, both individually and in ensemble, has since morphed into a partnership that this year will hit new creative heights. The △ in the name of their new project, a nod to the triangular structure with which they use as part of their new live performances as a duo.

2023 marked the return to a creative relationship that keeps on giving seeing as GPU Panic is already a central presence on much of Moullinex’ recent output, notably with him being lead vocalist on Moullinex’s most recent album ‘Requiem for Empathy’ released to huge acclaim. Just like they were then, as are they now, GPU Panic’s contributions are constantly manifested on beautiful songs that make you dance, daydream, and simultaneously cut to your core

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