MEDEIROS/LUCAS are Carlos Medeiros and Pedro Lucas, two islanders separated in age by thirty years plotting to set their musical roots into motion. Both come from the Azores, a Portuguese archipelago lost halfway between the old and the new continent, home to sailors, gone whalers and volcanic scapes. Medeiros brings sea salt in his voice, spell casting and mesmerizing, sharp and deep, a vehicle shaped to sing stories. Lucas adds youth and irreverence to the mix, forged into the poignant finger picking of his guitar and the technological embroideries of his production. The duo finally weaved out a joint venture with sails set for different geographies. Their sound is disarmingly honest, raw at times. It sways melancholia and satire in tribal rhythms and ancient traditions, while having both feet  standing firmly on the present-day.

Since the beginning of MEDEIROS/LUCAS, in 2015, the duo have released two albums and went beyond for a band format, collaborating with such essential names of the portuguese music scene, as Carlos Barretto, Selma Uamusse, Filho da Mãe and Tó Trips. From the sailing journeys of the first album, Mar Aberto (2015), and the physicality of Terra do Corpo (2016), there were three years of concerts, collaborations and a road that would eventually debug the language of the band and present it, almost in a natural way, to a universe of greater simplicity. It is in this conquered space that appears Sol de Março (2018). Their new album, with responsibility to close the trilogy (all released by Lovers & Lollypops), built with the words of João Pedro Porto, and the collaborations of Augusto Macedo (bass), Ian Carlo Mendoza (drums) and Rui Souza (keys).

Their music has sailed in some of the most prominent stages of the Portuguese alternative circuit, in several contexts, with special mention to the festivals FMM Sines, Vodafone Mexefest, Milhões de Festa or TREMOR and for the unforgettable Theatro Circo de Braga, MusicBox Lisbon and Casa da Música do Porto, and overseas, in Rudolstadt festival, 2017.

In 2020 they start laying the groundwork for a new album that will be a "post-triology", already in a different universe with Carlos Medeiros leading the conceptual base and João Pedro Porto one of the guests to write. 




Terra do Corpo will leave its deep mark, this year and those to come, for those who wants to hear it. Because there we can sense the adventure that they drop on Mar Aberto... And because they anchor their music in a traditional idea - the song as an intimate expression and communal generosity - is evident in it, but it spreads, gracefully, felt by the world discovered south."

Mário Lopes in Ipsilon

“Although Lucas plays electric guitar and joins to this work synthesizers and percussion, there is an harmonyis in everything, the voice walks on a flying carpet. In the background is poetry. Sweet metallic poetry."

Marina Almeira in DN

"There is a childish enchantment in everything they do, a dazzling of those who intend to present a novelty per second. It will not be totally absurd to approach them to the universe of Jacques Tati."

João Castro in Música em DX