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Máximo, is a prodigy artist, having started at seven his journey at the Artistic Music School of the National Conservatory of Lisbon, where he completed secondary education in Piano and Composition. Currently, he is pursuing a bachelor's degree in jazz composition at Codarts Rotterdam.

Despite his classical and formal training, since the age of 6 Máximo has been making self-taught incursions into composing original pieces, revealing a particular aptitude for the fusion of several musical styles since an early age.

Expression of his personal experiences, as he allows himself to be involved from a very young age by the creative, artistic, and multidisciplinary environment in which he was born and that surrounds him, navigating it in a genuine, exploratory and rather curious way.
It is precisely this elegant daring attitude present in his entire path that has opened him doors and sharpened his interest in deepening the connection between his music and other cultural universes, finding "stages" that favor dialogue over monologue, both from a creative and performative perspective.



"Intimate but universal music" "Expressive pieces, attentive to time and space"
Vitor Belanciano in Instagram and Facebook

“With a melancholic and sensitive side evident in the 12 tracks of Greatest Hits, this first record brings together a personal and sincere selection of songs composed between the age of 9 and his current age of 19.”
Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves, in Observador, regarding the album “Greatest Hits”

“When I first heard the "Greatest Hits" album I immediately felt that I want to listen to this soundtrack for many years to come.”
João Pacheco, in Fisga, regarding the album “Greatest Hits”

“It's inevitable to think of the tired expression "child prodigy" in relation to Máximo Francisco. (...) But what stands out here, and surprises, is the solidity and sensitivity of this musical thread, which reveals a complete musician, master of his art and talent. Listening to Mártires after learning that the piece was written when he was nine seems to us to be a bit of a Mozartean order of the supernatural...”
Pedro Dias de Almeida, in Revista Visão, regarding “Greatest Hits”

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