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Mário Lúcio


Mário Lúcio is one of the most recognizable figures of Cape Verde as a musician, a singer-songwriter, and one of the country’s foremost and leading composers of all time. An internationally acclaimed writer and author of "Manifesto a Criolização”, the most current work on the phenomenon of Creolization in the world.

Mário Lúcio’s signature songs and arrangements are found in an array of albums and songs most of which were interpreted and recorded by the late Cesária Évora and country’s emerging and established singers as well as artists as far afield as Brazil, France and Italy.

Mário Lúcio’s latest album ‘Migrants’ is a tribute to what is the great epic of being human: the phenomenon of migration. It is his understanding that “It is thanks to migration that we are so diverse today, because we dare to go further, adapt, mix. It is from this audacity of our common ancestors that we are born today from the palette of colors and textures that run in the DNA of each and every one. On the other side of history, somehow and at some point, we turned this ancestral journey inside out, invented separation and perverted what is most beautiful in us”.



"Following in the footsteps of Edouard Glissant, his music is all-World, part of a dynamic that ignores victim identity."

“The artist pays a sensitive and passionate tribute to the cross-fertilisation that has shaped his country's culture.”

“Emotions seep into the cracks of a soft, colourful language.”

“The man who has been dubbed the Bob Dylan or the Chico Buarque of Cape Verdean music echoes his humanist heart in his committed lyrics.”

“There's something that carries in this music, which is always very melodic and absolutely luminous."

“An album which radiates purity”

“What is striking is the fragility in Mario’s voice. It has a light tremolo, a bit hoarse, warmly convincing and simple. His vocals and the music radiate sympathy. »

“Mario Lucio's brilliant tenth album, [...] lyrics as inspired as they are inspiring”

“With infinite gentleness and graceful musicality [...].”

“An album that is both personal and universal, in which he pays tribute to those who, from time immemorial, have taken the road of migration with their roots as their only luggage.”

“(...)Migrants appears to us as a litany dedicated to Humanity, its songs composing an almost liturgical whole that is magnified by the web of arrangements that bring together electric and acoustic guitars, woodwinds, percussion, synthesizers, choral voices, all to the benefit of the words that emanate from them.”

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