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Juliana Linhares

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Juliana Linhares, a singer, songwriter and actress from Rio Grande do Norte, released her debut album in March 2021. Entitled Nordeste Ficção, the work, which has artistic direction by Marcus Preto and musical production by Elísio Freitas, was imagined as a theatre script, an autofiction novel and a cinematographic docudrama. In 11 tracks, the work has an irresistible beauty and joy, reminiscent of the delicious classic LPs by Amelinha, Elba Ramalho, Cátia de França, Terezinha de Jesus and other names of the Northeastern generation released at the turn of the 1970s to the 1980s. It also brings the melodic and poetic greatness of composers such as Alceu Valença, Ednardo, Fagner, Belchior and Zé Ramalho and dialogues with their heirs in the 1990s: Chico César, Zeca Baleiro, Lenine etc.

With an unreleased song by Tom Zé sung alongside Letrux (this one exclusively produced by Pedro Carneiro / Vovô Bebe), as well as various partnerships between Juliana and Chico César, Zeca Baleiro, Khrystal, Moyseis Marques, Posada, Mestrinho, Jéssica Caitano and a reinterpretation of the northeastern hymn Tareco e Mariola, by Petrúcio Amorim, the album, which was influenced by the book A Invenção do Nordeste e Outras Artes, by Durval Muniz de Albuquerque Jr. , also opens up questions about the meanings of being northeastern today. Born in Natal, Juliana moved to Rio de Janeiro in 2010. This move gave her a privileged vantage point from which to observe the clichés with which the rest of the country views the Northeast. Her reaction to these stereotypes - and also her understanding of them - was material for the creation of the songs. And if the Northeast is an invention, as Belchior sang, art continues to be the means to deconstruct narratives. And create other possible northeastern's.

Regarding the more intense process of solo composition, Juliana says that after working in music for so long as a performer, she began to feel a great need to write songs, to try herself as a composer. "The fact that I worked with highly acclaimed composers put me off my courage, but in quarantine I realized the importance of trying. It was very lonely and I needed myself too much. I started scratching a guitar, saving recordings and betting on my improvisations," she says.

Juliana Linhares has also fronted the band Pietá since 2012 and is a member of the group Iara Ira, along with singers Júlia Vargas and Duda Brack. Before releasing Nordeste Ficção, Juliana recorded the EP Perdendo o Juízo, produced by Bahian singer Josyara.

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