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Francisco, El Hombre

BR  (Booking Europe)

Booking Partner in France: Accords Croises / Claudio Yoldi  []

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Francisco, el Hombre, takes its name from a legendary character of Colombian folklore who is an archetype of the wandering minstrel.


But, Francisco, el Hombre, is way more than the personification of an old legend.

The project began with the brothers Sebastián and Mateo Piracés-Ugarte, but truly spread its wings when they got together with fellow musicians Andrei Kozyreff, Juliana Strassacapa, Erin O'Connor, Victor V-B and André Cardoso. Having perfectly mixed their Mexican roots with their Brasilian and American upbringing, the band embodies a global aspect which they themselves translate as "noisy transamerican transculturalism".

The band is mainly influenced by Latin-American artwork, although the brothers travels through Africa, Europe, North and South America presented them with larger perspective of the cosmopolitan spirit. While playing on the streets, squares, jungles and large venues, Francisco, El Hombre's contagious energy is unquestionable, regardless of the language they choose to sing in.

Their first EP, "Nudez"  released in 2013, marks the beginning of Francisco, El Hombre as a band. In 2015 they released the EP, "La Pachanga", that was recorded at the Red Bull studios in São Paulo.

"SOLTASBRUXA" (2016) brought the consolidation of the band’s work, and led them to an international tour with more than 150 shows and to a nomination to a Latin Grammy in the category of Best Music in Portuguese Language.

The band launch in March 2019 their newest album, RASGACABEZA. An album that is a synonym of Rupture. It's not up for in-between considerations or half words. It either sounds freak, or punk, or whichever it sounds like - out of the box of all pre-determined definitions. It loudly states a proposal to purge, through songs, the experiences, urgencies and whatever else has got stuck in our throats.

After SOLTASBRUXA (2016), that focused on social-political, feminist and equality issues, RASGACABEZA keeps a latent speech about it, adding a more electronic language, with pitches taken from samples, on-the-road recordings and barely unknown youtube videos.

Like a virus that has installed itself in the (nervous and creative) system, the new album puts up front a more aggressive and industrial sound, withdrawing the lightness of the quintet.



(...) the band impresses by its Latin sonority with sharp guitars. Something between Mano Chao and Nação Zumbi with lyrics in Portuguese, Spanish and English. The highlight is the more than powerful voice of Juliana, who started the show singing a capella and paralyzed the audience."

Luciana Rabassallo in Rolling Stone Brasil

Only those who had the - surreal - experience of witnessing a band show from Francisco, El Hombre know the meaning of the word IMMERSION! The show (...) makes anyone go from tears to screams (with the song Triste louca ou má) jumps of joy with (with the hit Calor da rua). It's a whirlwind of experiences in a single show (...)"

Douglas Alves in Uberlandia Blitz

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