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Drik Barbosa


The sharp lines of a female voice draw attention to the song “Mandume”, released by Emicida in 2015. It was about by Drik Barbosa, a young rapper who developed as his freestyle skills at the Battle of Santa Cruz, birthplace of rap (from there, names like Rashid,

Project and Emicida himself).

Born in São Paulo, Drik (pronounced Dreeka) has composed since the 14 years old. For going beyond the rhymes, she was invited to sing the chorus of some raps. So, he collaborated on tracks of artists like Flow MC, Amiri, Marcello Gugu, Projota and DJ Caique. In 2013, next to Emicida, participated in the song “In the Eyes of a Child” from the movie track “The Boy and the Mundo ”- an animated feature film made by Alê Abreu. 

It was in 2018, however, that the singer-songwriter gave the most solid step of your career. By launching the EP Mirror, which between rap and R&B, Drik can better delineate his personality and also show their potency on stage. With musical direction signed by Grou, the four track work left by the Ghost Lab and lists the participations Rincon Sapiência and Stefanie Roberta's special features.

The paulistana prepares to release her first solo album, that comes with the support of Natura Musical. She gave the first (and powerful) sample of this new work with the single "Who Has Joga & quot which fell into a funk alongside the singer Karol.





A 27-year-old singer, who mixes pagoda and beat with genre-like rhythms, told CartaCapital that she wants to sing life: “There is a movement of optimism. The country is in a heavy process and if someone does not live. It's tough, but optimistic, ”She says.

21/11/2019 Giovanna Galvani, Carta Capital


Drik Barbosa is one of the revelations of female rap, sponsored by Emicida, a scathing seven voices from the Rimas & Melodias collective. And what has been making the head of this artist, who recently released her first studio album, is precisely strong women like her, who have been populating the new hip hop crop, with contributions from pop, funk and R&B.

01/11/2019 Leonardo Rodrigues, UOL


A female voice that has stood out in the predominantly male universe of hip hop, initially under the blessing of bro Emicida, Drik Barbosa reflected in the first EP, Mirror (2018), the release of the chauvinist chains used to try to trap girls.

14/10/2019 Mauro Ferreira, Globo

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