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Dengue Dengue Dengue

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A tropical storm of electronic psychedelia directly from Lima, Perú. A project always in constant evolution, exploring rhythms and sounds of the world.

Their work focuses in exploring native rhythms from Peru and other parts of the world, recreating it in an electronic form, mixing the old with the new, analog and digital, to create their own unique sound and visuals. Their musical explorations go from psychedelic cumbia to dub, from salsa to footwork, from tribal to techno, the sound and visual palette keeps growing and adding more and more flavours to the mix. For Dengue Dengue Dengue, the past and future unfold together.

Dengue's first album, La Alianza Profana, draped cumbia's languid rhythms in fluorescent electronic textures. Their second album, Siete Raíces, released by the globe-gazing Portuguese label Enchufada, is more of a true hybrid—various traditions meet in the middle rather than on cumbia's home turf. 

In 2018 they’re releasing three EPs, the first of which, Son de Los Diablos, is already out since January, by Enchufada


“Filipe Salmon  e Rafael Pereira of Lima, Peru comprise a masked two-man vanguard of psychedelic South American electronica, almost singlehandedly preventing the genre of electro cumbia form dipping into corny global bass cliché. 
Dengue Denge Dengue’s futuristic beat are as original as they are thunderous.” 
MTV Iggy (USA)

“50 Best Albums of 2014 - Does great dance music sharped our awareness of the body or liberates us from it? This Peruvian duo squeezes that question out of every beat on this psychedelic EP.”
The Washintgon Post (USA)

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