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Conan Osiris


Performer and electronic music producer of a genre of his own, which he calls regular music. “Regular music is any kind of music for any living being. Its music that allows you to whatever: laugh, cry, take a shower…” C.O.. He’s the narrator of each musical note captured in a dance step; the Portuguese press calls him “the boy from the future”.

For the last two years Conan Osiris has become an unavoidable Portuguese culture figure. We first met him with the LP “MUSICA NORMAL” (Normal Music), where he introduced us to his world. In “Eu Adoro Bolos” (I Love Cakes), the second record, he continued to show himself indifferent to the artistic canons and his participation, first at Festival da Canção and then after at Eurovision, engaged him with a wider audience, ending up with the whole country dissecting lyrics, musical arrangements, the wardrobe and mise en scène.


The Artist Revelation on Play- Portuguese Musical Awards and the two Golden Globe nominations, in the revelation of the year and best interpreter categories, are a public recognition that reminds us of the fact that Conan Osiris landed in our country only two years ago, when in fact, we feel as if he has always lived amongst us, as if he has always been one of us.

After his performers in some of the biggest festivals and most prestigious portuguese stages he also played in São Paulo, Berlin, Oslo, Paris, Madrid and Barcelona. A show that merges the limits of music and dance in a unique performance.


Conan Osiris is Tiago Miranda, a self-taught musician from Lisbon. He was inspired by a postapocalyptic anime series “Conan- The Boy from the Future” written by the Japanese Hayao Miyazaki, who was also born on the same day as the musician. Osiris completes his artistic name, which is a reference to the god of Egyptian mythology.


Before he got into music, he studied art and design, but his biographical note says that he studied mostly people’s lives. He presents his art in a duality, like life itself, between simplicity and complexity, he is the boy of the future who doesn’t forget the past and makes “normal” music, to live and celebrate.


”Fado emotions, Bollywood, bumper cars, funaná, hip hop, tragic romanticism and bumpkin lyrics. We've never heard anything like it. In his music, it's not all the same, but everything mixes and mixes in a disconcerting way: unexpected humor and sentimental desolation.”

Mario Lopes in Público

“It's first album, "Adoro Bolos"  is one of the most solid, serious and ambitious national musical creations of recent years.”

Rui Miguel Abreu in Rimas e Batidas

"The metronome is not broken, the ears are not clogged, the notion is all there and this "Adoro Bolos" threatens to become the musical record that best reflects us at this moment (...)”

Mário Rui Vieira in Expresso 

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