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A life spent on the road has provided endless inspiration for Jori Collignon. But after 15 years criss-crossing the globe with former bands SKIP&DIE, Nobody Beats The Drum, and C-Mon & Kypski, the Dutch producer has settled into a house in Palmela, Portugal, complete with guesthouse, garden, and studio, and turned it into a place of inspiration, activity and creativity where many artists pass through, leaving their stories and ideas.


And it’s here that Collignon has deepened and expanded his sound, pouring his extensive musical and travel experiences into the eight rich, diverse, and colourful tracks that form his debut album as a solo artist.


A natural blend of acoustic and electronic instruments that balance traditional and futuristic themes, the record is influenced by South American, African and Arabic music. “I continue to travel through music,” says Collignon of the sultry rhythms and spiritual universality deployed throughout, and his inspiration is truly global. A pioneering electronic musician, each track positively shimmers with originality and vitality, as he creatively combines motifs and styles in new and interesting ways.


Purposefully shunning lyrics and singing, Collignon wanted the music – and the moods he creates – to speak for themselves. “There are so many voices everywhere, so much talk,” he explains. “For now, what I want to say is best expressed just by sound and instruments.”


Collignon might have found a home, but his music continues to take flight.



“Probably the best concert I never saw.”

Tânia Baldé

"Later in the evening, COLLIGNON blows away the 'Bolkokers' Stage (perhaps the coolest room in the factory) with electronica influenced by South American, African and Arabic music."

3voor12 Groningen
“The biggest surprise of the evening is COLLIGNON. The passionate performance of duo Jori Collignon and Gino Bombrini (with whom Collignon already collaborated in SKIP&DIE) ensure that no visitor can keep their feet still."

3voor12 Utrecht
"Collignon has a trail of great bands to his name. He played with SKIP&DIE, C-mon & Kypski and Nobody Beats The Drum. All these years have provided the musician with the necessary inspiration and now he has managed to mix all those smells, sounds and images, like ingredients of an exotic dish, into his new project. Live, Collignon will share the stage with the multi-instrumentalist God Gino Bombrini, who knows how to get the most irresistible sounds from just about every instrument you throw at his feet.”

the Daily Indie

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