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Bruno Pernadas


BRUNO PERNADAS and his ensemble, Lisbon-based psychedelic jazz pop project, has melded light-hearted tunes and exotic arrangements from another galaxy into something emotionally full, something altogether his own, so unique and innovative.

Bruno Jorge de Oliveira Pernadas (Lisbon) is a Portuguese Musician, Composer, Arranger and Producer. He has a degree in Music by the Superior School of Music of Lisbon (ESML) in Jazz department. He began his musical studies with classical guitar at the age of thirteen. Later, he attended the Lisbon Jazz School – “Hot Club de Portugal” where he current teaches guitar and combo.

During his studies he participated in several workshops, masterclasses and orchestra internships with musicians and composers from all over the world. He has been an active musician and composer in several projects since an early age, which lead him to participate in numerous music festivals in Europe, South-America and Japan. As a multi-instrumentalist, Pernadas plays guitar, piano, bass, synthesizers and drums among other instruments.

Bruno Pernadas has released four records and a movie original soundtrack so far on his own name: How can we be joyful in a world full of knowledge (2014), Those who throw objects at the crocodiles will be asked to retrieve them (2016), Worst Summer Ever (2016), "Patrick" OST (2020) and "Private Reasons" (2021) bringing together several music styles such as jazz, space age pop, folk, world music and electronic. The records were critically acclaimed, gaining massive positive reviews and were named Best Record of the Year in several music magazines and Portuguese and International music reviews. Bruno has 109.329 monthly listeners on Spotify.

He has also recorded with several bands as a co-leader and as a sideman. In 2018 he produced the fourth album for the Japanese Band Kikagaku Moyo named Massana Temples.

In mid 2010’s, Bruno Pernadas branched out into Composition more seriously, creating innumerous original soundtracks for Film, Television, Performing Arts, Theatre and Contemporary Dance. Recently he composed and recorded the Original Score for the first Portuguese Netflix Original Series "Gloria"and composed the official hymn for Symphonic Orchestra to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Portugal Freedom Day – 25th of April.



"The quality of songs, the arrangement, the use of sound effects and the composition as one album; The result of the evolution in recent five years by all aspects is devoted into this latest work."
In Music Magazine (JAPAN) Interview by Hidesumi Yoshimoto

"Such delusional exoticism is the genuine characteristic of Bruno Pernadas. This time, the Exotica sound world in Pernadas' style is more expanded, yet it is detail-oriented as well. The best work of Bruno Pernadas, until now."
In Music Magazine (JAPAN) Disc Review by Toru Watanabe 


"There is so much music in Bruno Pernadas' music. Pop, classical or experimental jazz. Rigor and spontaneity. Introspection and universality. East and West. Private Reasons is the end of a trilogy for him. For us it's the beginning of the best spring ever."

In Público by Vítor Belanciano

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