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BNegão & Selectores de Frequência

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One of the most versatile and prolific bands in the current Brazilian music scene - and definitely a great ambassador of the new sounds made in Brazil - BNegão & Seletores de Frequência have been reinforcing their unique style of Black Music on a journey that started with the major success of Planet Hemp - mythical band that exploded nationally on the 90’s, mixing funk, hip hop, hardcore, ragga and psychedelic music. In 2003, Planet Hemp MC/vocalist BNegão released his first solo album with Seletores de Frequência.

Now, the band gathers three albums that perfectly synthesize a multitude of sounds from all black music styles, like rap, soul, reggae and afrobeat, without losing touch with the Brazilian essence of samba and funk carioca.

2003 was a turning point for BNegão & Seletores de Frequência with the release of their first album “Enxugando Gelo”. In 2012 the band released another celebrated album – “Sintoniza Lá” – that has been accumulating prizes since then, like “Best Album of the Year” at MTV Brasil Music Awards, “Best Hip Hop Record” from iTunes Brasil and “Best Black Music Record” at “Prêmio Dynamite”, an important award in the Brazilian independent music scene. In the same year BNegão was also invited to represent the Brazilian music at the London Olympics closing ceremony, performing alongside Seu Jorge and Marisa Monte, and sharing stage with Queen, Madonna, Metallica and Bruce Springsteen.


In 2015 BNegão & Seletores de Frequencia released their third album, TransmutAção (Natura Musical) in which the group perfectly embodies the infinity of sounds from all black music styles and make some room for Samba, a never seen style in their discography.



“Quem vê BNegão no palco, presencia um gigante, com timbre poderoso e atitude hipnotizante. Fora dele, é Bernardo Santos quem assume o comando, um carioca de riso fácil e caráter sossegado. A mensagem, contudo, é a mesma – e transmitida com a mesma força - onde quer que ele esteja.” 
MTV Brasil
"Une poignée de grooves imparables, une section de cuivres rutilante, des cocotes de guitare funky et le charisme d’un MC de légende, voilà la recette du cocktail musical qui fera immanquablement trembler les murs du Divan du Monde cet été ! Torride."

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