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Bixiga 70 is one of the main instrumental groups in Brazil, mixing Brazilian, African and Latin references. Formed in 2010, the name Bixiga 70 is linked to the address of Estúdio Traquitana, where the band was born, located at number 70 at Rua Treze de Maio, in the Bixiga neighborhood, in São Paulo.

The band was born from the combination of well-known musicians from the São Paulo scene who have in common works developed in the same studio. Currently formed by Amanda Teles, Cris Scabello, Cuca Ferreira, Daniel Nogueira, Daniel Verano, Douglas Antunes, Marcelo Dworecki, Pedro Regada and Valentina Facury, the group is touring Brazil and the world with their powerful and ritualistic shows that make the public dance to the sound of the universal language of music.

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