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Anthony Joseph

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Anthony Joseph is a poet, novelist, musician and lecturer described as ‘the leader of the black avant-garde in Britain’. His written work and performance occupies a space between surrealism, jazz and the rhythms of Caribbean speech and music. He is the author of four poetry collections and a novel The African Origins of UFOs.

He has released four critically acclaimed albums, all released to coincide with book publications. His debut album Leggo de Lion (2007) featured lyrics taken from his novel The African Origins of UFOs. Bird Head Son followed in 2009, coinciding with the publication of his 3rd poetry collection. Rubber Orchestras was released in 2011, alongside a new collection of poems of the same title.

Anthony has collaborated with a range of artists, including Archie Shepp, Joseph Bowie, Laurent Garnier, Othello Molineaux, Malcolm Catto, Mop Mop, Robert Aaron, Roger Raspail, Keziah Jones, Jerry Dammers and most recently Meshell Ndegeocello who produced his last album ‘Time’.

"Caribbean Roots" (2016), is the album that represents a return to the origins of Trinidad and its Caribbean identity, incorporating rhythms and sonorities that carry the vibrant energy of that region.

We could  say that with this sixth studio album Anthony Joseph is back to his roots. Indeed, it was recorded on his native island of Trinidad. But it is more of a continuation, of a culmination…. as the Caribbean music has strongly infused the music of Anthony since its inception. This album entitled "People of the sun" is a tribute to Port of Spain (POS), this bubbling port, meeting place of many cultures and a door open on South America. This energy is found throughout the album with many stars of the island (3 channel, Brother Resistance, Ella Andal, Boogsie the king of steel pan ...) and pays tribute to Rapso, a mixture of protest poetry and Soca / Calypso created in the 80’s. As always the verb remains in the spotlight with Anthony Joseph. 


“Afro-blue to astro-black and what glimmers in between”

The Times

“One of the most talented and engaging purveyors of the music right now”


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