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Acácia Maior


Acácia Maior is a collective of musicians created by Henrique Silva and Luís Firmino, the roots and trunk of this tree that is beginning to flourish on the Cape Verdean musical horizon.

Creation, fusion and tradition are the motto for this collective's borderless journey which, with each piece, brings together artists from different fields.

This collective emerged as a celebration of life, which is why the name of their debut album was also chosen after a Cape Verdean tree, referring to their origins. "Cimbron Celeste" is a tribute, a musical portrait of a very peculiar island nature. 

In the sound and lyrics that make up this disc, various rhythms and expressions of Cape Verdean folklore are explored alongside different international musical aesthetics.

Under the shadow of the constellation that makes up this collective, this new celestial tree is born, ready to spread out into the universe.





"When they burst onto the scene with Catá bórre at the end of 2020, Luís Firmino and Henrique Silva immediately presented us with a series of ideas that would be crucial in understanding where they were coming from and where they wanted to go: the concern with the communion between different musicians (on this debut single they had Cachupa Psicadélica, Renato Chantre, Hudson Jah Son and Ras M); the crossing of musical languages (from morna to reggae) as a way of travelling between time dimensions; and the (silent) conviction that Cape Verde was (and is) the centre of the universe. With what they've shown us so far, it's hard to disagree."
Alexandre Ribeiro, in Público.

"Cimbron Celeste is a journey through the different islands of Cape Verde and the different times in which its wide and fertile poetic, rhythmic, sound and musical diversity was built. But it is also a dialogue with the present time, where music is renewed and regenerated in the encounters that precipitate the future. "
João Mineiro, on Cimbron Celeste, in Rimas e Batidas.

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