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Watch out! 47SOUL is one of the most promising rising stars from the Middle East and presenting the world their own and unique music genre called ‚Shamstep‘ - a powerful mix of traditional street music from the 'Sham'-region (Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria) combined with deep electronic beats and influences from funk, hip-hop and rock. 47SOUL connects melodies that have been echoing through the Arab World for centuries with analogue synthesizers, hypnotic guitar lines, and verses in both Arabic and English.


After the successful ‘Shamstep’ EP, their highly anticipated first album ‘Balfron Promise’ February 2018. The album and themes are inspired by both modern-day London and the 100 year-old politics of the Middle East which is still influencing 47Soul’s story today. Socially relevant and lyrically clever, ‘Balfron Promise’ covers all elements of a transboundary and pulsating freedom-of-movement music album. We invite you to join us and the band on this exciting journey!



“Womad is best when it’s edgy….and nothing summed this up more than 47Soul, a Palestinian collective whose Pan-Arabic street music on Friday afternoon was spine-tingling. Their take on protest music with a groove – at one point the entire Big Red Tent crowd hit the deck when a helicopter gunship "flew" over – was pure Womad in a bottle.

pure Womad in a bottle.” 

Jon Stock in The Telegraph about Womad Festival


“47Soul is a band whose politically-conscious style of Arabic dance music is catching on everywhere from Lebanon to London.”

Peter Holslin in Thump

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